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About Me

The Beauty Regimen, nestled in midtown Atlanta, is home to Quandasia Dickens, a renowned master cosmetologist hailing from the vibrant streets of New York. With a specialization in natural hair care and preserving its vitality, Dasia loves providing the following services: color, sleek styles, twist-outs, wash-and-go styles, and wig making

Allow me to introduce myself, Quandasia (Dasia) Dickens, a proud native of Queens, New York. While my initial career path led me to the compassionate field of healthcare, where I dedicated myself to caring for disabled children and autistic adults, my unwavering passion for cosmetology beckoned me to embark on a new journey.

From an early age, I discovered my love for hair while observing my mother's daily routine. When I couldn't find a stylist who could properly maintain the health of my hair and cater to my protective styling needs, I took it upon myself to learn the art of wig-making and natural hair care. Since 2016, I have honed my skills in wig craftsmanship, self-taught and ever-evolving.

In October 2019, I planted my dreams in Atlanta, Georgia, determined to pursue my calling in the world of cosmetology. I attended the esteemed Keune Academy in Lawrenceville, where I graduated at the pinnacle of my class, equipped with the knowledge to bring beauty transformations to life.

My heart lies in guiding clients through the maze of color choices and curating palettes that not only boosts their confidence but also reflects their authentic personalities. I firmly believe that the right hairstyle possesses the power to unlock an individual's true potential, introducing them to the very best version of themselves. I also have a deep appreciation for the transformative artistry of makeup, recognizing its indispensable role in the beauty journey. To put it simply, beauty, in all its facets, is my undying passion.

My Philosophy

To help women win the game of self-confidence by introducing them to their best selves through the beauty of their hair!

Fun Facts

1. I Love motivational speakers and any message that is geared to help you soar in life and reach your full potential​


2. I Love water excursions but cannot swim


3. I Love the outdoors, hiking, picnics, you name it!

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